Hiba Albattal

Having immigrated to Australia from Syria with her parents and three brothers over 28 years ago, Hiba can clearly recall her parents’ desire for a better and brighter life and future. She can identify and relate to both the mental and emotional migration needs - while maintaining an accurate and realistic immigration opportunity. 
As an experienced and professional registered migration agent, Hiba has worked with individuals from around the globe to meet their migration needs. She assists her clients in finding suitable migration visa pathways, preparing and submitting their visa applications and requirements while assisting them on their journey to their new home and better life. 
Upon first contact, Hiba is able to take a generalised look at the information you provide for an initial free assessment. If there are possible pathway option/s, a consult is advisable in which the agent and client discuss the client’s profile and needs in-depth. Following the consult, if a visa/s opportunity exists, Hiba will discuss the pathway/s with you. Sometimes a permanent visa solution is not possible immediately, thus Hiba will consider the pathway to take in order to reach the final destination of permanent residency and citizenship if that is the aim. If there is more than one option, Hiba highlights the pros and cons of each option and is happy to assist you in choosing the most suitable pathway. 
If you do not meet the visa requirements of any specific visa, she will let you know in order to save you time, money and effort avoiding a rejected outcome.